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Pay Taxes

The Adams Township Tax Collector Responsibilities

  • Adams Township Property Taxes
  • Butler County Property Taxes
  • Mars Area School District Property Taxes
  • Questions concerning current property taxes, property ownership and assessments

Weekly Office Hours:

  • Call for an appointment
  • Additional office hours will be posted on tax bills
  • Payment:

    For online payment please follow link below.

    Tax Collection Information

    • Payment of taxes are to be paid to Tax Collector.
    • Township Office Staff cannot accept tax payments.
    • County/Township taxes are billed on a calendar year with a billing date of March 1st.
    • School Taxes are billed on a fiscal year: July 1st – June 30th with a billing date of August 1st.
    • All Real Estate Taxes NOT PAID by December 31st must be liened to the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau.

    Frequently Asked Tax Questions

    Q. Who do I make checks payable?

    A. Make checks payable to: Shirley Lawther Tax Collector. Use separate checks for school and county/twp taxes.

    Q. Where do I mail my payment?

    A. Shirley Lawther P.O. Box 1230 Mars, PA 16046

    Q. Can I pay in person?

    A. Yes, you may pay at the Adams Township Building. Please see Tax Collector’s posted hours on your tax bill.

    Q.How do I get another copy of my tax bill?

    A. Please send a self-address stamped envelope or email your request to:

    Q.I no longer have my shed but it is still on my tax card. How do I have it removed?

    A. Contact the Butler County Assessment Office.

    Adams Township Property Tax Collector

    Shirley Lawther

    P.O. Box 1230 Mars, PA 16046

    Phone Number: 724-321-0400

    Fax Number: 724-586-5634

    Email Address:

    Wage Tax Collector and Occupational Tax Collector

    Berkheimer & Associates

    Phone Number:  724-282-0377
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