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CPRT and Park Trails

Commodore Perry Regional Trail Trail System

Connecting Communities

Effective regional planning addresses the needs of the present while looking toward the possibilities of the future.  It is forward-thinking, innovative and collaborative.  It looks at the bigger picture, without being constrained by municipal borders or county boundaries.


The Township of Pine, Marshall Township, Borough of Bradford Woods, Adams Township, Cranberry Township and Jackson Township, each are actively working to enhance and expand their sidewalk and trail networks.  The intention behind these efforts is to create connections between people and key places: parks, schools, neighborhoods and commercial areas.


With each municipality working on similar goals within their own borders; a task force, entitled “Planners in Action” was formed in 2016 to facilitate the exchange of ideas and open lines of communication.  Through those discussions, an idea was formed.  An idea to plan together.  To work together.  To outline a vision for a regional active transportation network that, at the time, did not exist.  By opening the lines of communication and discussing the interests and shared goals of each municipality, a coordinated effort was undertaken to chart a path forward.

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